Why it’s so important your business has a website

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There are a number of reasons why websites are so important; but let’s start with the main one, which is… your customers and clients ‘EXPECT’ you to have one.  93% of people expect a digital presence if you’re a business; that’s like e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e in the world; except for ‘that’ 7% who are off in the wilderness somewhere wearing gumboots and singing around bonfires.

If you don’t believe me, just watch the odd looks of confusion on the faces of customers and clients when you fess up to not having one! I’ve been there and done that…trust me it’s not pretty.

  1. A website tells your customers all about you

A website is ‘your’ showcase; one that tells your customers

  • who you are
  • where you hail from
  • how you can help them
  • what you can deliver
  • how they can contact and/or buy from you

This isn’t rocket science – it’s just like opening a shopfront and getting to choose your décor and stock the shelves with products that people will walk in and buy.

  1. A website allows your customers to connect with you ‘instantly’

When your customers want to connect with you they ‘can’ head to your social media accounts; but we all know that once in social media it takes a while to get out right!. Your website gives them instant access to ‘you’. They know where to find you, with just your website name or a google search, and because they’re not bombarded with a gazillion newsfeed items to wade through, they get to the main goal faster; that is ‘purchasing or gaining info’ from YOU.

Don’t discount the huge sense of achievement that you customers feel when they are able to avoid a glut of information and online distractions, by going straight to a website when they want specific information or to make a purchase. There is nothing that compares with coming out unscathed from the inherent distracting qualities of the ever-growing social media newsfeed as a customer gets what they need fast, in fact they are 10 times more likely to be less frustrated by their online experience.

TIP: Make your website an easy avenue for your customers to buy,or find out, about what they need. Ensure you have a ‘genuine’ contact number, email address and a contact page so they can get in touch, without contact info you risk loss of credibility, trust and reduce your selling power.

  1. A website saves you and your customer time and money

Websites are the cheapest real estate rentals you will ever find! You know that shopfront scenario I mentioned… try getting your landlord to accept roughly $250 for a year’s rental. I don’t think so!

Yes, there are initial setup costs, annual fees and perhaps some maintenance or support costs for you as a website owner; but a website will likely never cost a Small Business owner, Solopreneur or Entrepreneur the discouraging amount a shopfront would, and a website has a reach that is significantly higher than a small township or shopping plaza!

And that’s just the saving for you as the business owner; what about your customers and clients?. They may not need to;why-you-need-a-website-insta

  • travel
  • park
  • get out of the pj’s to purchase from or contact you; like that one?…me too!
  • stand in line
  • ‘self-serve’ with a bunch of screaming kids in tow and awful automated voice overs telling them to hurry up (yeah ok; one of mine as well!)
  • wait until you’re open for business

I think you get the drift/ There are savings for you and your customer, and a lot of them are embedded in how convenient it is to gain info, connect and shop from a business who has a website. With that added convenience comes increased sales and happier customers.

So here is where I end my undying appreciation of the humble website ends. If you don’t have website or need yours improved with super-magical powers contact us; because we will take care of you and your online showcase here at Virtualetic.


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