The pros and cons of using social media for your business

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A majority of your clients and customers, expect to see your business product or service on social media. The statistics on how many people use social media is staggering and we know it’s likely that they will be looking for you there.

That expectation in itself is an important reason to be on social media, however, there are more strategic reasons why you should value the opportunity social media affords, if you’re running a business.


Social Media                                                                                              puzzle-1746560_1920

  • increases your visibility and opportunities to convert
  • allows you to share expertise and passion
  • builds credibility and trust amongst your current and potential clients
  • allows you to market your products or services
  • allows you to connect and communicate with your audience
  • helps you understand your customers and clients better
  • makes you feel present, powerful, trending, progressive, successful and awesome!


We’ve listened to quite a few small business owners and solopreneurs tell us their social media stories. Most ‘want’ a strong social media presence, one where they to appear more active and consistent. However, they feel there’s a significant gap between what they want and what they do. If you’re not consistent and regularly present on social media, consumers are likely to forget about you, largely because they’re being fed so much information.

There are a variety of reasons business owners have given for struggling with remaining present consistently;

  • it was fun when we started, but it’s now just a repetitive drag
  • it’s not what we do best
  • it’s not considered core business; and I’m just too busy focusing on delivering to my customers and clients
  • I’m simply overwhelmed by the thought of planning, then creating and sourcing content; it takes so much more time than I expected
  • I just can’t seem to find my voice
  • I don’t know what to say or share
  • I find it challenging to brag about myself ( i.e “I know everyone loves what I do but I think I’m too close to it myself to really show how great it is”)

Sound familiar? I’d like to say it is quick and easy, but you’d all call me out anyway; because you’re business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs that know anything worth doing well takes time and energy.

You know the deal… if you’re a DIYer, set aside a day in your week. If you just can’t set aside the time and are still feeling any of the above, I’d recommend outsourcing  part or all of your social media to-do list. If you’re just demotivated, work with someone for a while to get you back on track.

Commit to Action

Your product or service deserves the visibility social media provides, and your customers and clients deserve to benefit from you sharing your expertise, product or service. Commit to action on a regular basis. Set aside the time or outsource the planning, sourcing, creating and sharing of quality content on your social media channels. It ‘will’ build and boost your business presence.

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