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Most of us struggle with continuity of presence on social media i.e posting to your social media accounts with quality content ‘consistently’.

For many business owners Facebook; and social media is challenging;

  • Quality content matters
  • Consistency is important


You have to do everything in your power to interrupt people and get their attention long enough to stop, take notice and engage with your content – Dionne Lew Source:


Newsfeeds are filled with so much content that it’s becoming harder for a potential customer to do much more than what we like to think of as ‘drive-thru’ these days. So the content you post should look and sound good. It should sparkle and send the messages that you want and showcase your expertise; like if you’re a nutritionist you talk about the nutritional power of Pumpkin seeds!.

Consistent posting creates an undeniable presence. If you visualise that you are a traditional store-front in the sea of a shopping centre, it’s easy to know that your doors need to be open to let customers in so they can come in and buy. With social media it’s similar but posting does it for you. It’s say’s ‘We’re Open for Business’ with the added bonus of being able to showcase your knowledge or expertise, share your thoughts and plug your product or service at the same time.

 Tip 1: Create a plan

  1. Pick a timeframe – Whether it be 1 month or 1 fortnight or 1 week; choose to create content for your social media for this timeframe.
  2. Write a list of themes  – Your product or service is your foundation so sit down now and get you product/service list out to use and write a list of themes for each week or timeframe; then break it down further and decide what 5-7 content posts per week that you want to cover that say something about your theme. For example, a nutritionist might talk about the different facets of a particualr vegetable, a social media expert might talk about one particular platform like facebook…trust me you won’t run out of content to create…it is never ending and you likely already know this stuff!

Tip 2: Create your content

Use tools like canva or Adobe to create tailored, fabulous and inviting content. It’s a great idea to brand it with your own logo to self promote when shared. The internet and your newsfeed are great sources for ideas for any content you feel is best to share. Don’t forget to share content and offers that direct people to your website when you can such as blogs; this is a fantastic way of increasing your website visitors.

Here’s a practical example of how you may go about one business weeks worth of content;

Theme: Food and Physical Activity

Created by Virtualetic for one of our fab clients Warmly Nourished


Tip 3: Schedule it

Scheduling your posts is the last step in the process. It is best to schedule directly in the social media platform; however if you’re time poor and have a few social platforms to care for it might be best to use a scheduler like Buffer which is free or Hootsuite.

Make sure you take notice with potential reach dives on any schedulers; Virtualetic has noticed that whilst no-one seems to admit to it reach tends to decrease slightly when using scheduling tools.

With these 3 tips you should see yourself ever presence and with little doubt that you’re rocking your social media consistency and feeling undoubtably awesome with your efforts.


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