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I’ve heard it said that a blog can take you up to 8hrs to write. I groaned on the inside! Me? I can’t sustain that achart-blog-timesmount of time on a weekly basis, not when I factor in blogging for my own business, as well as for some of my clients. 2-4hrs is the aim for me; after 4hrs I get bored, antsy and let’s just say it’s best for all if I just step away from the laptop.

I may not be a marketer, but I think if the chart is anything to go by, allowing anywhere between 2-4hrs is reasonable.

Here are a few things I do to try and keep within that reasonable timeframe.

1.      Stifle your love of writing

Stop! What did she say? You heard right, when you love putting words together, particularly in your own voice, you tend to include excess verbiage. Instead, think ‘’I really just have to get this done”. Aim to focus on up to 3 key points, and splash a little love and personality in as you go. In draft mode, don’t go all Perfectionist Patty. Set your draft aside for a while, re-read and fix anything within a 15-30min timeslot. Then Publish without procrastinating.

2.      Limit it to 300-500 words

Why? Because people just can’t take it anymore!!!!… and a blog post needn’t be an essay.

Ash Read for Buffer put it well when he said “55% will read a blog post for 15 seconds…because the internet is a daily battle for attention”. With this in mind keep your blog limited to 300-500 words, so that your readers aren’t running away at the sheer length of what lies ahead.

3.      Write what you know

Start with a theme already in mind and then write about what you know. Use research to insert any interesting factoids, quotes or statistics to support your expert opinion. The secret is to do this that when you’re writing already, or once your draft is finished, so you can simply slot the supporting evidence in.

Clarity, limits and purpose is what you want to aim for to make your blog writing process faster.

Do you have any other proven tips?

Happy faster blogging – Juli@Virtualetic

Chart Source: http://authoritymarketing.com/blog/blogging/ 16-experts-answer-how-long-should-it-take-to-write-a-blog-post/

Ash Read quote Source: https://blog.bufferapp.com/55-visitors-read-articles-15-seconds-less-focus-attention-not-clicks

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